Our Investment Strategy

CVG Properties is focused on select markets throughout the Western and Sunbelt states with a primary focus on California, Arizona, Utah, and Texas.

Why Multifamily?

Lower risk profile relative to other real estate and alternative investments

Continued rising demand for rental housing due to demographic trends & shifting lifestyle choices

Limitations in housing supply and rising costs of homeownership

Superior financing terms for multifamily acquisitions

Stability across economic cycles

Ownership of tangible assets

Tax benefits

Why Invest with CVG?

Investing with CVG Capital Ventures Group® provides exposure to multifamily investments and the passive income opportunities they provide without the daily stress of operations and management, or the need to qualify for, and guarantee a loan.

CVG offers investors the opportunity to participate in single-asset multifamily investments via 506(b) securities. All CVG syndications conform to SEC regulations and are typically offerings for accredited, domestic investors that conform to Rule 506(b) of Regulation D.

Investors partner with CVG as Limited Partners (“LP” or “Member”) in multi-family property investments that the CVG Team has personally vetted to meet our investment criteria. In return, our investment partners (“LP’s”) through their investment in CVG’s multi-family offerings are able to reduce volatility in their own investment portfolios, while historically earning superior risk-adjusted returns on their capital.

As a steward of investor capital, CVG always acts in the owners’ (“LP’s”) best interests implementing a business plan that is dually focused on maximizing the value and return on investment of a property, while providing quality apartment homes and communities that our residents and neighbors respect and appreciate.

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