The CVG Investment Process

The investment process begins with the CVG Team researching, analyzing, and often touring all potential multifamily properties in our target markets to gather information and data not only on the property, but on the neighborhood, the submarket, and the larger MSA to determine how the property is currently positioned, and how CVG can successfully reposition it through the successful execution of its business plan.

CVG looks to identify a property in a good location, source and secure the appropriate debt for the property based on the business plan, and implement a strategy to maintain and improve the property, while always ensuring that we have sufficient capital in reserve to ride out the inherent market cycles in multi-family property ownership.

Through our experience and well-established real estate & multifamily investment and management relationships, particularly in our target markets, we are able to gather information, analyze properties quickly, and source loans that will align favorably with our business plan, thereby meeting or exceeding the financial goals for the property.

Keeping a narrow focus, and with a vested financial interest in each multifamily asset, CVG always has our Investment Partners (the “LP’s”) financial interest in mind. The CVG Team in its dedication and commitment to delivering strong and consistent results to both our investors and our residents works closely with our industry partners and vendors to make and execute on well-educated decisions that add value to the property, transforming it into a community that CVG and our investors are proud to own, and that our tenants are proud to call home.

Based on the investment timeline detailed within each individual Private Placement Memorandum, a determination is made to sell or refinance the asset in order to generate a liquidity event for our investors. CVG is proud to state that hundreds of our investors have chosen to reinvest in additional opportunities and continue to refer friends and family to CVG.

While investors in our multifamily opportunities are passive investors with CVG handling the day-to-day operations and management oversight, all investors experience full transparency through our secure online investor portal where they can find and review the quarterly financial updates and monthly distributions which are provided either via check or ACH. Through the online investor portal and CVG’s strong communication, our investors always know exactly how well their investment is performing.

Summary of CVG Sponsor Activity

CVG Capital Ventures Group®:

  • Finds the investment property.
  • Assembles investor capital and financing to acquire the property.
  • Oversees all aspects of due diligence for our investor group.
  • Oversees management and capital improvements to the property as the asset manager.
  • Distributes cash flow to our investor group.
  • Communicates asset performance to our investor group throughout the ownership period.
  • Arranges for the sale or refinance of the property.

Investor Information

What does it mean to be an accredited investor?

Please review this SEC Bulletin for more information on qualifying methods and net worth calculation.

Accredited investors can buy real estate with us as a Limited Partner (“LP” or “Member”) of a CVG-managed LLC in the form of a trust, entity, self-directed IRA, or as an individual. Limited Partner investors electronically sign investment documents through our secure, online portal. Typical LP Investment: $25,000-$1,000,000+.

How does one learn more about CVG opportunities and become an accredited investor?

If you’re interested in passive investing, contact us today. Here’s how our process works:


Schedule a no-obligation 15-minute intro call to:

  • Learn the benefits of multifamily syndication and whether it’s right for your investment portfolio.
  • Speak with our Investor Relations Department to learn how our LPs enjoy unique advantages such as tax shelter, cash flow and appreciation, plus the chance to utilize a tax-deferred 1031 exchange when the asset is sold.


Create an investor account and complete your profile to prepare for participation in a future investment offering.

Our online portal gives you the tools to track your investments, property reports, and communications. We send you regular updates on property operations and annual tax documents.


  • Offerings are only completed through a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).
  • Nothing on this website constitutes an offering.
  • Past results are no guarantee of future results.

Refer An Investor

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